The first phase of project start its operations from November 2018.

The plant will manufacture a wide range of cotton yarn and will be exported to China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Vietnam, Portugal, etc.

Features pf payel

  • First Major Cotton Spinning Unit in GCC Region.
  • Will lead to development of a Textile cluster in OMAN.
  • Backward integration – Cultivation of cotton can be promoted.
  • Generation of foreign currency inflow.
  • E.mployment opportunity for more than 1,700 people.
  • Social & Economic Development of the Region.
  • A full fledged training center to be established at site for training Omani youth, men and women.

Multifold Growth in Revenues

  • Addition of 3,00,000 spindles and 7,000 rotors in Oman will enhance our capacity and result in higher revenues.
  • With oman expansion, the company will reach out to new horizons and have wider network globally

Margin Expansion

  • Expansion into high - value compact yarn product segment.
  • State of the art plant, latest machine, automation and technology to lead to better productivity, through out and margins.