Tamil Nadu

SVP Global Ventures Ltd or the Pittie Group's initial manufacturing facility comprises of Cotton, Compact, Citra, Blended and Open End Yarn. There are three primarily manufacturing facilities located in close proximity to each other and near major raw material and textile hubs. Pittie Group facilities are at Ramnad, Coimbatore, and Palani in Tamil Nadu. Facility locations ensure strategic flexibility in operations, working capital requirement optimization and low logistical costs. The total installed capacity of these three units is 98,000 spindles. These manufacturing units make yarns of count ranges 6 to 70.

Pittie Group, Pittie


SVP Global Ventures Ltd. Has state of the art and most technologically advanced units of its kind setup at Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. The facility has 150,000 spindles compact cotton yarn manufacturing capacity and 2400 rotors of Open End Yarn setup on about 60 acres of land. The units have a manufacturing capacity of 45,000 MTPA

Pittie Group, Pittie
Pittie Group, Pittie
Pittie Group, Pittie
Pittie Group, Pittie
Pittie Group, Pittie
Strategic Advantage of the New Facility:

Rajasthan is a preferred business destination for people around the world. Abundant natural resources, investment-friendly policies, a vast and unexplored talent pool and a secular environment are some of the reasons why national and international business giants are drawn to this magnificent state.

  • A number of innovative policies including the Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme (RIPS) announced by the current state government have boosted the investment prospects in the state.
  • State Subsidy: 6%
  • VAT benefit: 50% VAT to be refunded
  • Power Benefit: 100% Electricity Duty Rebate
  • 5 KM from city centre
  • By Air: 12 KM from JhalawarAirstrip
  • By Rail: 2 KM from Railway station
  • By Road: 90 KM from Kota
  • 220 KM from Indore
  • 220 KM from Bhopal
  • 340 KM from Jaipur