100% Cotton combed and Carded Yarn


Count Range (Ne)

Single Ring Yarn

Ne 24/1 to Ne 140/1

Double Ring Yarn

Ne 24/2 to Ne 140/2

Single Open End Yarn

Ne 6/1 to Ne 24/1

Double Open End Yarn

Ne 6/2 to Ne 24/2

Special Yarns

  • Organic Cotton Yarn
  • Fair trade Certified Cotton Yarn
  • Long Staple Cotton Yarns/Pima Cotton Yarns
  • Bamboo/Cotton Yarns
  • Compact Yarn
  • Contamination Free Yarn
  • Reverse Twist Yarns
  • Recycled Cotton Yarn
  • Slub Yarns
  • Poly/Cotton Blends

Yarn Application

  • Circular Knitting (Weft Knits)
  • Socks Knitting
  • Flat Knits (Sweaters)
  • Towel Weaving (Base and Pile)
  • Denim Fabrics
  • Bottom Weight Fabrics
  • Yarn Dyeing
  • Sweaters
  • Sheetings
  • Weaving
  • Shirtings

Compact Yarn

In recent years, the revolutionary technology of compact yarn spinning has become a rapidly developing trend in many countries. Compact yarn spinning is a process where the fibre strands drawn by the drafting system are condensed before being twisted, ensuring several key improvements:

  • A smoother yarn with higher lustre
  • 40-50% improvement in abrasion fastness
  • 20-30% lower hairiness as measured by the Ster apparatus
  • 60% lower hairiness as measured by the Zweigle apparatus
  • 8-15% higher tenacity and elongation at break, and smaller mass irregularity
  • An ~8% increase in production