SVP Global Ventures Ltd (SVP) also known as the Pittie Group is a diversified yarn manufacturing company that has carved a niche for itself as one of the prominent members in compact yarn business. Pittie Group has a wide product portfolio ranging from cotton, blended yarn, open end yarn to superior yarns such as compact yarns.

Pittie Group with 200+ years of experience in the textile business, the company, under the professional and expert leadership of Mr. Chirag Pittie, houses a highly skilled workforce and management team, which have a strong focus on automation and technology. By utilizing the best-in-line machinery sourced from global leaders, we opt for high level productivity and output.

In addition to being a trader and traditional yarn manufacturer, SVP is making a distinctive identity as a leading player in the value added compact yarn business. We have a wide distribution of networks spread across major textile marketing centers in India including exports to countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Portugal and Turkey. Having set up an additional facility of 1, 50,000 spindles and 2,400 rotors, we have professional expertise in sourcing superior quality raw materials that have led to higher quality yarns. The company owns 3 manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu with a total capacity of 98,000 spindles and rotors, which manufacture diversified quality of yarn with a count of 6 to 70.

SVP or the Pittie Group is established for growth, success and excellence through collaborative and sustainable efforts throughout the organization.