SVP TEXTILES PLC formed by ShriVallabh Pittie Group for setting up state of the art cotton spinning mill with a total production capacity of 13.5 tons/day cotton yarn in Kombolcha (Ethiopia)at a total project cost of Birr 865 million (~USD 45.5 mn). The plant is designed in a way that it could sell 100 % of cotton yarn to the international market. The project will create employment opportunity for locals and unit will enjoy tremendous economies of scale as it will have its entire manufacturing capacity based at one single location. The company has got a total of 50 hectares of land from Kombolcha city administration on the side of the main road to Dessie.The company has been already sanctioned Project Loan from Development Bank of Ethiopia and EXIM Bank.


SV PITTIE TEXTILES, LLC (“SV Pittie”) plans to construct, operate, and manage a 7,000 rotor cotton yarn manufacturing plant (“Project”) within Screven County of Georgia. The company has acquired 68 acres of land, which has been surveyed, graded, and is pad ready. The Project will be located at Screven Country Industrial Park in Sylvania, Georgia. Upon completion, the Project will have a constructed are of above 141,000 Square Feet. The Project will consist of a main factory with a humidification plant, a powerhouse, two administrative buildings, worker premises, and a canteen. The Project will manufacture a range of different counts of carded cotton yarn ranging from 9 to 30, and production will remain flexible in order to meet the market demand. The sales markets for the output yarn will be the free trade areas of Central and South America, as well as China. The Project is projected to create an estimated 982 jobs (180 direct and 802 indirect) through construction and operation of the Project. The Management team has contracted with turnkey consultants who are experts in the field of textiles, staff development, and construction. From a revenue and income perspective, the project is expected to generate profit in the first five years. Screven County, the State of Georgia, and the Georgia Department of Economic Development have provided the various incentives and touted this project as an important job-creating venture.

Key Products

100% Cotton combed and Carded Yarn


Count Range (Ne)

Single Ring Yarn

Ne 24/1 to Ne 140/1

Double Ring Yarn

Ne 24/2 to Ne 140/2

Single Open End Yarn

Ne 6/1 to Ne 24/1

Double Open End Yarn

Ne 6/2 to Ne 24/2

Special Yarns

  • Organic Cotton Yarn
  • Fair trade Certified Cotton Yarn
  • Long Staple Cotton Yarns/Pima Cotton Yarns
  • Bamboo/Cotton Yarns
  • Compact Yarn
  • Contamination Free Yarn
  • Reverse Twist Yarns
  • Recycled Cotton Yarn
  • Slub Yarns
  • Poly/Cotton Blends

Yarn Application

  • Circular Knitting(Weft Knits)
  • Socks Knitting
  • Flat Knits(Sweaters)
  • Towel Weaving(Base and Pile)
  • Denim Fabrics
  • Bottom Weight Fabrics
  • Yarn Dyeing
  • Sweaters
  • Sheetings
  • Weaving
  • Shirtings

Compact Yarn

  • Compact yarn is a revolution in spinning technology. Over recent years, the system of compact spinning has constituted a rapidly developing technological trend in most countries.
  • The compact spinning is a process where fibre strand drawn by drafting system is condensed before twisting it.
  • Better smoothness
  • Higher lustre
  • Abrasion fastness better by 40-50%
  • Hairiness lower by 20-30%, as measured with the use of the ster apparatus
  • Increase Production by 8% approximately.
  • Hairiness lower by 60%, as measured with the use of the Zweigle apparatus
  • Tenacity and elongation at break higher by 8-15%, and smaller mass irregularity
Pittie Group, Pittie
Pittie Group, Pittie