• Our mission is to expand and continually
    improve utilizing quality practices to
    manufacture cotton yarn.
  • To support our customers by providing
    superior products and services of
    exceptional value which help them gain
    competitive advantage.
  • Improving quality is a daily priority at
    SVP Global.

Pittie Group

SVP Global Ventures Ltd (SVP) also known as the Pittie Group is a diversified yarn manufacturing company that has carved a niche for itself as one of the prominent members in compact yarn business. Pittie Group has a wide product portfolio ranging from cotton, blended yarn, open end yarn to superior yarns such as compact yarns.

Pittie Group with 200+ years of experience in the textile business, the company, under the professional and expert leadership of Mr. Chirag Pittie, houses a highly skilled workforce and management team, which have a strong focus on automation and technology. By utilizing the best-in-line machinery sourced from global leaders, we opt for high level productivity and output.

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Tamil Nadu

SVP Global Ventures Ltd's initial manufacturing facility comprises of Cotton, Compact, Citra, Blended and Open End Yarn. There are three primarily manufacturing facilities located in close proximity to each other and near major raw material and textile hubs.


SVP Global Ventures Ltd. Has state of the art and most technologically advanced units of its kind setup at Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. The facility has 150,000 spindles compact cotton yarn manufacturing capacity and 2400 rotors of Open End Yarn setup on about 60 acres of land.

Jhalawar Plant